Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: May 9


Please see frequently asked questions for our linguistic services below.

Should you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Q. For which languages are translation services offered?

A. We translate to and from Japanese, Chinese (simplified or traditional), and English. Other languages such as Korean, Thai, and Russian may also be supported depending on client's needs.

Q. Which digital file formats are acceptable?

A. Although we translate various file formats, editable file formats are the most preferable. (e.g. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, as well as Google documents/spreadsheets)

  • Scanned copies of paper documents, PDF, or photos are also supported. The quote, however, will be based on a rough estimation due to the difficulty of word counting.

  • Web and software files, where translated texts are mostly inserted in between HTML or XML tags, are supported as well. An additional fee may be charged for allocating technical staff.

Q. How are project fees calculated?

A. Translation rates are quoted/charged as follows:

  • General documents: word count

  • Ads and creative copies which require multiple proposals: hourly rate

  • Subtitles: rate per minute + additional fees for other tasks such as spotting, etc.

Q. What payment options are available?

A. We expect all invoices are paid through bank transfer or PayPal.

Q. What is the timeframe for translation services?

A. Though our turnaround time depends on the availability of translators, translation for a 500-word document will is generally delivered within 24 hours. A rough guideline for the translation speed is 1000 to 1800 words per day. Urgent requests will be processed with higher priority.

Q. Is it possible to meet with a translator in advance?

A. It is possible to meet with a member of the administrative team prior to translation by using online meeting tools (, Google Meet, Zoom, Skype etc.) or face-to-face.

Q. What are the revision and editing policies?

A. We offer one free revision for our submitted translation only if a clear quality issue is found. Other requests for revision or further requirements from the client may be charged additionally.

Q. Is it possible to revise translations done by other companies?

A. We accept requests for revising translations processed by other companies as a proofreading order.

Q. Is there a minimum project fee?

A. There is no minimum project fee.

Q. Is there a minimum project size?

A. There is no minimum project size.

Q. Will translation of specialized content be a problem?

A. Our translators specialise in the professional areas of IT (software, development), cryptocurrency and stocks. We also have extensive experience in translating documents for various professional areas.

Q. What is required for a translation request?

A. A need-to-have for placing an order: have your document/ website/ file to be translated ready.

Q.What is the timeframe and cost of a quote?

A. Quotes are free and provided within 24 hours.

Q. What are the policies for personal and confidential information?

A. No personal or confidential information provided by clients will be shared with third parties. We also have all our registered translators signed NDA in order to ensure maximum confidentiality for clients.

Q. How do I make a translation request?

A. In order to make a translation request, contact us by using the inquiry form on our website. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Q. Who are your translators?

A. Meet our translators in "Our Team" section on our website for your reference. An extended team of translators are also available upon request.

Q. What about urgent translation requests?

A. For urgent requests, a document of several hundreds words will be processed on the day or the following day. Our extensive practice in urgent media translation including PR and news will fulfill your expectations.

Q. Is it possible to adjust the layout and design after translation?

A. We maintain the layout on files such as Microsoft Word or tables in PowerPoint. Although we do our best to make all PowerPoint slides look appropriate, we may charge additional layout fees for especially complex slides (with extensive number of text boxes, for example.)

We do not support translation for design files made with software such as Illustrator.

Q. Is it possible to preview the quality of the translation?

A. We offer a free trial translation for a text up to 250 words.

Q. Are translation services available for YouTube videos and similar media?

A. We translate videos including YouTube. In case the client cannot provide the original video file, we may deliver the translation for dialogues and narrations in Word format.

We may also collaborate with our alliance partner company which specialises in video translation depending on the client's needs.

Q. What is the overall process from request to delivery?

A. The general steps for translation services are as follows:

1. If you are new to us, send a translation request through our website, and we will confirm your needs and provide a quote along with our possible turnaround time. Contact our sales representatives directly via e-mail from the second order on.

2. Place order when satisfied with the quote and turnaround time. (Trial translation offered and/or contracts signed upon your request.)

3. We deliver the translation, double-checked and proofread, on the promised delivery date.

4. The project is closed and invoiced at the end of the month.

Q. What is the cancellation policy?

A. You may cancel your translation order prior to the commencement of work. You will be charged for the volume already translated if the work has already commenced.

Q. Are hand-written documents acceptable?

A. We accept hand-written documents as long as they are legible.

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