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We are experts in providing translations with power and potential.

Language that compels and phrasing with attention-grabbing impact
motivates customers to learn more about you and explore what you have to offer.

By exciting and inspiring readers to action through our work, 
we create new opportunities with creative communication.

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SIJIHIVE offers various multilingual services specializing in Japanese, English, and Chinese.

Please contact us to find out how SIJIHIVE can help you meet your needs and reach your goals.

Specializing in

Marketing, Media (websites, advertisements, flyers/poster, news), and

IT (computer, software, web, user manuals, instruction manuals, and cryptocurrencies)

多言語翻訳・ローカライゼーション / Multilingual Translation and Localization
クリエイティブ翻訳(トランスクリエーション)/ Creative Translation and Transcreation
翻訳文の 校正・編集 / Translation Proofreading and Editing

Multilingual Translation /


・Business document translation (contracts, manuals, presentation materials, press releases, etc.)

・System localization, etc.

Support in Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified/traditional), and more.
Accurate and easy-to-read translations appropriate for your business.

Creative Translation

・Website, advertisement, flyer/poster, marketing related documents, etc. translation

・Interview article and blog translation

・Video translation (subtitles/dubbing)

For international marketing, a direct translation is not enough. Based on the original story, we propose the most effective and appealing “creation” in each language.

Translation Proofreading

and Editing

・Proofreading and cross checking of original and translation content

・Translation editing and rewriting

Our attention to detail in terms of grammar and spell checking will increase content accuracy and comprehension.

Our bilingual editors can cross-check the whole translation with the original content.

Significant editing and rewriting is also possible on request.

​Web サイト向け SEO ライティング / SEO writing for websites
ソーシャルメディアコンテンツ作成・運用 / Social Media Content Creation and Management
コピーライティング・記事作成 / Copywriting and Article Creation

Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) writing

・Website content writing and translation ・Popular keyword insertion

Writing services provided to improve website SEO rankings and click-through rates.
*Client is responsible providing access anaysis using Google Analytics and a list of popular keywords.

Social Media
Content Creation / Management

Multilingual content for various SNS media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WeChat, and Weibo

With SIJIHIVE’s ability to post effective and powerful content created from scratch, you can leave everything to us.

Copywriting /
Article Creation

・Eye-catching copy, such as websites, advertisements, flyers, and posters

・Brand slogan development

・Writing/posting blog articles

We can help you create memorable taglines and keywords. Blog development, from writing original articles to posting content on WordPress, etc., is also available.

ホーム: Services
ホーム: プロジェクト
翻訳実績 / Translation Projects

Translation Projects

Example of past projects.

To maintain client confidentiality, company names are not disclosed. However, in the case when a client has agreed to release their information, name and link are posted.


Crypto assests/Bitcoin news website. Article, video, and press release translation. Social media management (English/Chinese ⇔ Japanese)

Image by Tracy Adams

Cloud service company.

Developer tools and reference articles translation (English → Japanese)

Image by Martin Sanchez

Japanese visual novel game story translation (Japanese → English)


Chinese investment attraction project. Policy documents and presentation translation (Japanese ⇔ Chinese)

Image by William Iven

Mobile marketing company.

Market report translation

(English → Japanese)

LH Logo_edited.jpg

Crypto assets/Blockchain media. news article translation (English/Chinese ⇔ Japanese)


Sports training and event facility.

Press kit translation

(English → Japanese)


Private hospital in Hong Kong.

Website translation

(English → Japanese)


Food product company.

Newsletter translation

(English → Japanese)


Travel magazine. Japan travel journals translation (Chinese → Japanese)


Animal nutrition compay.

Marketing material translation

(English → Japanese)


Electromechanical related manufacturer. Product introduction pamphlet translation (English → Japanese)

Our Team

SIJIHIVE: our name is a combination of the Chinese word for “four seasons” and a bee’s home.

It perfectly portrays us as a hive of activity, a lively place all year round.

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Satoko Shimooka


Japanese native, Chinese-English transcreation specialist. During her university years, Satoko studied in Toronto, Canada, a place where many cultures coexist, and became interested in cross-cultural issues. After returning to Japan, worked as an IT engineer, she became a freelance translator in 2012 and established SIJIHIVE in 2018.

Yutaka Kitade - SIJIHIVE
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Yutaka Kitade


After working at Dentsu Advertising Agency, Yutaka completed his Masters of Business Administration at INSEAD (European School of Business Administration) in 2004. After returning to Japan, he worked at transcosmos and established Global Initiative in Shibuya. His company provides advisory services on consulting, market research, M&A, financing, etc., mainly for Japanese companies expanding overseas.


TingJian Zhong

CTO/Chinese Market Advisor

Originally from Sichuan, China. After coming to Japan in 2007, TJ developed business systems utilizing IT technology and knowledge. He has expertise in business planning and expansion, as well as dealing with technology-related tasks. He also has experience with developing relationships with Chinese companies and as an advisor of Chinese market trends.

ホーム: スタッフ紹介

Zhi Yuan

Japanese-Chinese translator/Interpreter/

Chinese Market Advisor

Originally from Xinjiang, China. Zhi worked in the Japanese food and manufacturing industries from 1998 to 2012. Currently works as an advisor, China for Japanese-Chinese translation and Chinese market entry. He has a reputation for quality translation and for flexible simultaneous interpretation in negotiation situations.

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Joan Bailey

English Editor/Writer

Originally from Wisconsin, USA. With a background in English literature and sociology, Joan has been a successful freelance writer for over 10 years. She has extensive experience in copy creation, magazine articles, and ghost blogging.

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Richard Bailey

English Editor/Writer

Originally from Ohio, USA. With a background in science and more than 24 years of teaching English around the world, Richard is an excellent editor and copywriter, especially for technical and scientific content.



​Company Name: SIJIHIVE Inc.

Established on: February 7th, 2018

President and CEO: Satoko Shimooka

Office Address: 3F, Rei Flat Shinjuku-B 4-3-15 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 1600022

Services: Translation and content creation in Japanese, English and Chinese

Phone: +81 3-6555-5270

ホーム: FAQ
ホーム: Contact

Instant Quote / Contact Us

Please use the form below to contact us for inquiries.

We will do our best to reply within 24 hours.

Project estimates are available free of charge.

​SIJIHIVE is also looking for freelance translators (Japanese, English, and Chinese) to help with translation projects. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

Thank you for your inquiry. We will be in touch shortly.

翻訳お見積もり・お問い合わせ / Instant Quote / Contact Us

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