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Effects of Coronavirus: How meditation has changed

When you think of meditation, what sort of image comes to mind?

Meditation is a simple yet effective habit that brings balance to the body and mind. Our minds have a tendency to focus on our fears and insecurities, but it’s said that through meditation, we can reset the part of our brain that controls our emotions and alleviate symptoms such as stress, anxiety and depression.

What has changed with #STAYHOME?

With people all around the world being forced to stay at home recently due to the coronavirus crisis, it seems the way that people view meditation is also changing. In Europe and America especially, more and more people are trying to incorporate "meditation" casually into their daily lives,using smartphones and other devices like Muse. Some Muse users are even taking part in “meditation contests” via Zoom—when the user’s mind is calm, they will hear the sound of birds and gain points, with users competing for the highest score.

It would have been difficult to imagine not so long ago, but it seems that more people are starting to incorporate meditation into their lives in this casual, almost game-like manner.

As the time we spend at home has increased, we have somewhat fewer opportunities to properly move our bodies, but behind the scenes, sports are evolving like this using high-end technology.

For me personally, yoga and meditation have been a part of my daily life since living in India, and I find the time spent on these practices important for being alone and coming face-to-face with myself. As such, I feel that these practices are highly effective in the purification and regeneration of both the body and mind.

Meditation restores balance between the body and mind

A doctor of medicine originating from India and world-class expert in mind-body medicine and wellbeing, Deepak Chopra says that people around the world are all the more worried and afraid nowadays because of the corona crisis, but that meditation and yoga can actually help to reduce stress and enhance the body’s immunity. Most of all, he explains that it’s important we find joy in every day, no matter how small.

I have also noticed through my own practices that, curiously, those who practice meditation and yoga actually look better for it, and the atmosphere around them changes. They seem refreshed and full of energy, and once these kinds of changes start to take place, it becomes easier for us to notice the small joys and happiness around us that we would have previously overlooked or been unable to see.

Why not try finding a moment for self-reflection? Even if it’s just for 5 minutes, find time to be alone, gently close your eyes, and slow down your breath.

You could try guided meditation which calms the mind with guidance from an instructor’s voice (there are many sound recordings available like this one), or you could listen to relaxing music on YouTube.

Meditation is mainly done in a seated position, sitting directly on the floor. The aim is to realign the chakra that flows from the pelvis to the crown, directing it straight to the heavens and restoring balance to the energy pathway.

Those who have difficulty sitting in a cross-legged position can sit upright in a chair. Although some may say they can relax better in a sleeping position, meditating while lying down can cause drowsiness, so this is only recommended if you want to take a rest.

Meditation isn’t at all difficult and allows for a moment of self-reflection. It’s a chance to take a step away from the smartphones we constantly hold onto, as well as the TV and worrying news about the coronavirus, and instead, it gives us time to look inside ourselves.

For most of the day, our time is controlled by information from the outside world. Especially now during this new coronavirus crisis, daily news updates, social media, TV and the internet are all bombarding our minds one after the other, and we are unable to handle such large amounts of information.

When the flow of a river is blocked, the water turns murky, and if left alone, it could become a ditch. The hearts and minds of humans are exactly the same.

Meditation can help clear the heart and mind when they have been panicked by information overload, stress, and anxiety, and it can also help us feel more organized. Then, once our hearts and minds have gained clarity, our nervous system and the natural functions of the mind and body will also mysteriously improve.

Don’t overthink it—why not start by taking the time to reset?


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Since childhood, LiLi has been interested in the natural healing power inherent in humans, as well as Eastern medicine and natural remedies that don’t rely on the drugs prescribed in Western medicine.

She studied traditional Indian yoga, meditation and Ayurveda while living in India. She currently works as an interpreter and translator, as well as a yoga instructor certified by the Indian government.

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